United Pet Care

United Pet Care is a managed pet care program, similar to an HMO in human health care. In order to receive benefits, you must join the program, which requires an annual fee, and get services at a veterinarian within their network. Compared to Pet Assure, another managed pet care program, United Pet Care’s network is smaller and only have coverage in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas.

This program costs between $9.90 and $12.99 a month per pet. There is an additional cost for each pet in your family; however, all non-human family members are eligible regardless of species, age, or health problems. Because United Pet Care is not pet insurance, there are no deductibles or maximums. As a member, you will receive 20-50% off of your pet’s veterinary bill — provided, of course, you are receiving services at a participating vet’s office. You also receive discounts at select other pet service providers.

As a managed care program, the biggest con is that you must go to a veterinarian that is a participating provider in United Pet Care’s network. This means that in the event of an emergency, you cannot take you pet to the closest vet’s office. When traveling with your pet, you must search ahead of time for a vet’s office that is in the network, or you risk not being able to use your benefits if your pet needs to be seen.

This is just a summary of the United Pet Care plan. If it sounds like something that might fit your need, please visit their website and read the fine print. Benefits do vary from state to state and provider to provider, so be sure that you are looking at your area.

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